In the Shadow of Genius: The Brooklyn Bridge and Its Creators
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Advanced Praise for In The Shadow of Genius...

"IN THE SHADOW OF GENIUS: THE BROOKLYN BRIDGE AND ITS CREATORS is a brilliant look at one of the most famous bridges in the world by photographer and author Barbara Mensch. As one who has lived in its shadow for three decades, Mensch brings an intimate awareness of the towering structure through her evocative photographs and personal narrative.
- Goodreads - 5 stars

"An interesting narrative about those who built the Brooklyn Bridge.  Personally, I was mostly impressed by the pictures in the book which I think are stunning.  The artist looked for beauty and I believe the pictures can really attest to it."- NetGalley - 5 stars

"The charm of this book is that it proceeds from the viewpoint of a superb visual artist who uses this particular structure and cityscape, the Brooklyn Bridge, as her muse. It is this personal encounter with the physical sites of her protagonists that makes the book so unusual. As well, her exploration of the inner chambers of the bridge is novel and thrilling.”
- Phillip Lopate, Author, Film & Art Critic