Independent fillet, peck slip
schermerhorn row
Benny's express
jack the snake at pier 20
Mikey the bartender
Slow day on beekman street
intersection, beekman and front streets
midday, south street
Shrimp roll cart
Harry the hat
Front street
workers at the fish market
Cocked gun
Mikey the watchman
Smitty's Fillet house
retailer's truck, south street
Vinny the unloader
intersection, beckman and south streets
directing traffic
jimmy red
Bob Smith
Uncle rip
Big john
three unloaders
Icehouse, Bobby Neptune
View from the bridge
Vinny the bone
high hats
cooper's cart
View down South Street
tin building
Last fishing boat
pups in peck slip
Sammy g.
variety fish storefront
mortimer woods
the paris bar
last days of the paris bar
Early morning, South Street
Mombo, the unloader
Fuck the corporation
dock destruction #2
Jake the snake
Dock destruction #1
Last fishing boat #2
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